Tara Sailing

Take the sea less traveled in New York

Vancouver Sun
Just like Justin and Sophie, my wife and I make a beeline for Tribeca Sailing for a sunset outing on New York Harbor. Granted, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was on a break from signing the Paris Agreement at nearby United Nations headquarters when he appeared for his two-hour sail.

My wife, Kerry, and I simply showed up after a day of Big Apple shopping and sightseeing and a swim in the pool at the Four Seasons Downtown.

Regardless of disparate circumstances, we had the same magical and relaxing experience as the prime minister and his wife, Sophie Gregoire.

“Really, it was a highlight of my life to take Justin and Sophie out,” said Tribeca Sailing Captain David Caporale. “He had just four hours of free time from signing the Paris Agreement (in April 2016), so Sophie arranged it as a treat. They are such an awesome couple. They spent most of the sail up at the front to have some romantic time. And then came back to chat as we headed back to the marina. Apparently, a Canadian who works at the United Nations recommended me.”

Tara SailingTribeca Sailing’s 35-foot, 1964 gleaming wood sailboat, Tara, is one of only 117 Hinkley Custom Pilots to ever be built. Captain David will only sail with a maximum of six people at a time for $100 US each. Or, do as Justin and Sophie and my wife and I did and book a private excursion for $485 US.

The big, clunky, tourist-laden Circle Line boats will take you past all the city’s greatest hits such as Manhattan’s otherworldly skyline, the Statue of Liberty on Ellis Island and the Brooklyn Bridge. But we wanted an exclusive look and feel for our jaunt on New York Harbor.

Captain David and Tara delivered by billowing the sails at eight knots and effortlessly skimming us over the body of water that juxtaposes outdoor adventure and one of the most populous metropolises on the planet.

Of course, we ooh and aah, sip Champagne and congratulate ourselves on discovering this unique and luxurious diversion. It’s in keeping with our conscious decision to swerve off the beaten tourist path and interact more with New York.

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