5 new things to try in New York City

by Hannah Berry George
Life’s good on the open seas (read: rivers) A private sailing experience may sound spenny but, if you split it among a group, it’s actually not that bad. Depending on the time of day and experience you go for, it costs between $90-110 per person for a 2-hour ride, with a max of 6 passengers, on TARA (a 1964 Hinckley Custom Pilot 35 sailboat, if that means anything to you). Captain Dave took us out of the North Cove Marina, up to the Statue of Liberty and down and round Lower Manhattan, pootling along between Manhattan and Brooklyn and under the Manhattan Bridge before heading back. We sailed the Hudson, East and Harlem Rivers, which is just a cool thing to be able to say. Tip: get Perfect Picnic to cover the food situ so you don’t have to bother. For just $35 dollars you can get The Classic Picnic which includes cheeses, meats, baguettes, olives, jam, cookies, tea and water. They’ll even deliver straight to the boat.

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